Connecting Brands With Passionate Audiences

American Media Group (AMG) organically formed after years of collaboration between advertising clients and stakeholders within both the sports and media industries. In fact, we love sports so much that we have a division in AMGsport that only focuses on clients that are involved or want to be in sports. At AMG we take a “salesistic” approach to marketing by defining the end result through the lens of the sales cycle and working backward through the attribution process to understand how to deliver the desired results. There has always been a bit of a disconnect between sales and marketing, however it has broadened due to the specialization of both marketing and sales, no longer are the days in where sales was a pipeline for marketing executives.  This makes it more difficult in many instances to understand the process for buyers, and sellers, which ultimately leads to incongruity.  By having a 10,000 foot view of the entire process it enables better questions, better problem definition, and solutions that lead to  better results that impact the bottom line.

What ever the end result is; Sales, Leads, or Visits. How do we get more?

AMG is a top line collaborators looking at the bigger picture and guiding clients toward an ultimate vision.

We have the capabilities to act as as a full services agency in the traditional sense, creative partner, media buyer or sales, marketing and service consultant.

In most cases are strategy is to understand our clients goals and what results look like with regards to those goals. Delivering results that are congruent with a clients big picture, is in most cases  done by focusing on areas where we can really make an impact and connecting those to the programs already in place.

Working with stakeholders on both the property side and marketer side allows us to find solutions that in turn delivery measurable results that lead to increased long term strategic relationships.

Our Vision

Our strategic vision is to be the conduit to both buyers and sellers working in conjunction to increase value for both parties. As a partner  our goal is to forge better and more transparent  relationshios that lead to long term results based deals weather it be with it be to sell and manager property, or sponsorship or marketing client looking for the most efficient media buying and campaign management.

Let’s work together to connect brands with passionate audiences across a wide array of platforms at the optimum moment to receive your message.