Attribution Personified

Our digital media capabilities are the adhesive that brings off-line and on-line campaigns together. It’s integral to the Multi-Channel Attribution process and enables the analytics to any campaign.

At a time when marketers are looking for more transparency and trying to sift through the digital noise and ever changing rules of Google and Facebook we effort to deliver measurable results, identify key touch points that contribute to a desired result and ultimately assign value to these events and efficiently and effectively steer those efforts.

Our digital media buying tools are leveraged by the technology and analytics to provide clients with the most cost effective and efficient media spends.

SEO, Content creation, technical management, and Social Media Management are all assets that we provide under the digital header. Any of these assets can be bolted on ala carte or included and customized as an entire campaign.

How It Works

  • By using state of the art behavioral modeling, we focus on identifying your target audience, then watching their behavior and assigning attributes to them throughout the life cycle of the sales funnel.
  • By identifying more specific audiences and understating their buying cycle we can choose when the most appropriate time to market a receptive message to them at the most appropriate time.
  • This unique approach cuts through the noise, competition and non-prospects to make the most efficient and effective spends in the industry.