Your Sales Managed

The sales and support staff at AMG are the best in the business. We consult with properties and rights holders that want to increase or generate additional revenue for new or existing assets.  In many cases we can put together an outsource partnership for  all or some of their media or sponsorship sales. This is a huge area of expertise that allows our partners to focus on their core business while still generating revenue.

Let’s face it managing salespeople is not for everyone, and there is a lot that goes into it; from hiring and training to the day to day oversight and deal making. Although every arrangement is tailored to the specific needs of the client, we do follow a standard model for sales support and service and it can be scaled and refined for a particular case.

Full-Service Sales and Support:

We take over sales eliminating the need for you to have a sales staff. This consist of handling revenue targets, KPI reporting, hiring, training and ongoing management of your sales business.

Compensation is typically a combination of a flat fee retainer for services and revenue share. The flat fee is calculated based on a number of factors including; full-time man hours, additional personnel, specific skills and or compliance training, time frame, lead generation, complexity of sale, length of sales cycle, etc. The revenue share is negotiated specifically based on your project and revenue targets.

Let us take away your biggest headache. In most cases we already have expertise in your field, so we know how to identify the correct targets and introduce your product. There is also a great chance that we have existing clients that would love to add your product to their media mix.

We would be happy to consult with you or your team on any of these decisions free of charge and with no obligation.