AMG SPORT Passion Personified

AMGsport is built to bring value to both rights holders/properties and marketers/sponsors.

As an avid sports fan, I believe there is tremendous value in sports marketing; especially sponsorship. However, Rights holders and their marketing partners are having to answer some very difficult questions to justify the hefty price tags of premium sponsorship deals and sports-related activities that can’t be answered with only the “brand loyalty” response anymore.

Sports has always been in a unique marketing position with companies willing to invest millions of dollars on brand marketing and affiliation with a team, stadium or league. The audience, brand loyalty and overall nature of a live event are still valuable today; maybe even more than ever with DVR and streaming on demand.  The sports industry has been slow to adapt to the changing landscape of digital media and with it the rise of  data driven ROI  and attribution across multiple platforms.

Both buyers and sellers are looking to justify and quantify the sale and the purchase to stakeholders and continue to come up short in most cases and  most are compounding the issues with throwing good money after bad in hopes of connecting the elusive ROI dots to justify the huge spends only to end up with depleted budgets, reams of analytics and decision makers holding the bag on accountability.

We work with both properties and marketers to specifically deliver on your sponsorship or sports marketing program. We cut through the clutter of  your other media and manager a specific support budget to leverage your sponsorship and we connect the dots and deliver the analytics in an actionable fashion so that we can make adjustments and make sure you are getting the deliverable’s you need.  We can guarantee actual data across the attribution process directly related to your sponsorship allowing for increased decisions to deliver results.